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We are a team of multidisciplinary visionaries that strive to find ways of using technology to answer complex consumer and business needs. The resident AIMers range from designers, developers, technologists, strategists, engineers to writers, social theorists and product developers - but most of all we are thirsty problem solvers with an innate distrust for self-proclaimed experts.

AIM Group is a breeding ground of creativity, passion, innovation and most importantly part of something bigger than itself.

It is essentially where

Corporate meets Cool

  • The reason I work at AIM is it allows me to be disruptive…in a nutshell I can be disruptive and get away with it

    -- Hafiz Juma * Creative Director --
  • We at AIM Group, prefer to discuss our health policy during our smoke break

    -- Jonathan Lupilli * Art Director ( Content ) --

Our Services

We consist of two distinct yet complimentary business units.

Our Projects unit is the Innovation driven R&D arm focused on enterprise solutions, product development for both business and consumer applications, technical needs assessments and an all out defiance of the realm of possibility.

Our Agency unit is rooted in Marketing and Communication strategy for digital mediums. Our Agency mission is to develop engaging consumer experiences that drive brand love and ultimately conversion. We actively resist the convention of being called Ad-(wo)men because we don’t create ‘Ads’ we foster relationships.

Projects services


What we offer
  • Technical Needs Assessment
  • Mobile Value Added Services
  • Enterprise Platform Solutions
  • EKYC Platform
  • Aggregation & Payments Services
  • Retail Technology
  • Special Projects

Agency services


What we offer
  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Design & Development
  • Social Care & Engagement
  • Retail
  • Events
  • Media
  • I got here and was amazed by the team, these guys are very….charming

    -- Ismail Lossini * Social Media Engager --
  • Yeah…AIM Group, I love it here. By the way my name is Sadik

    -- Sadik B Sadik * Co-Head of Engagement --


You may be wondering how AIM Group does what it does, and this can be explained in one simple word :


You can't revolutionize the media space and shape new modes of communication if you don't believe in sharing ideas.
AIM Group plays a vital role in bridging the gap between new and traditional media, allowing the client to have a seamless 360-degree marketing plan and strategy.

Fun Facts about our agency

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Inspirational Ideas

Our Testimonials

  • Social media has become a critical component of our communications strategies. AIM are the ones who have taken the lead in defining the cutting edge of how to use this powerful tool in East Africa. We feel fortunate to be one of their clients

    John Riber * MFDI Tanzania
  • I especially like that AIM Group embrace and guard our brands so tightly as if they are their own - that is a sign of a real business partner

    Mamongae Mahlare * Tanzania Breweries Ltd
  • As marketing manager of Tanzania Breweries Ltd, I would recommend the services of AIM Group to any organization looking to expand into and enhance its overall branding in the online sphere.

    Natalia Celani * Tanzania Breweries Ltd
  • In our view, AIM Group has proved to be the reputable digital agency of choice in Tanzania

    Diana Kisaka * T-Marc Tanzania
  • AIM Group pushes us to strive to be different and often have the implementations that are the first of their kind in Tanzania.

    Natalia Celani * Tanzania Breweries Ltd
  • We are impressed at how the team links the social aspect of the brand congruently to our overall goals; the balance was very well struck

    Diana Kisaka * T-Marc Tanzania
  • Working with the team at AIM is energizing. They are creative, professional, and proactive in generating ideas/opportunities for our brands

    Mamongae Mahlare * Tanzania Breweries Ltd
  • The vision for the brand [Sheria Ngowi] is luxury, exclusive and top-quality…we wanted the launch to immediately reflect this personality…AIM Group assisted us in putting together a strategy…their professional approach, dedication and creativity was really key to the successful launch of the Sheria Ngowi Brand in Tanzania. We could never ask for a better partner

    Mwamvita Makamba * Sheria Ngowi

Innovative. Talented. Inspired. Dynamic. Critical. Honest. Eclectic. Temperamental. Crazy. Outlandish. Loud. Enthusiastic. Creative…
We are Part of Something Bigger Than Ourselves



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Nadeem Juma

Shaista Juma


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Shaista Juma


General Manager, Projects

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Paul Bomani


General Manager, Agency

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Hafiz Juma


Head of Digital Strategy

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Esther Maina


HOD Meadia

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Alex Ofio


Head of Technology - Agency

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Ptah Karanja


Software Developer

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Erasto Malema


Software Developer

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Mutinda Boniface


AIM Group wants its clients not only to have an online existence, but also to leverage the digital world in order to have a vibrant brand presence amongst the online community without having to compromise tried and tested marketing, but instead tying it all together.
AIM Group facilitates brands to engage and provoke their customers to be thinkers and to be risk-takers.

AIM Group allows you to be part of something bigger than yourself.


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Plot no 1403/1, Bains Avenue, 1st Floor, Msasani Peninsula
Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania

Aimgroup Tanzania

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